The new Hamburg LS: Precise and natural.

The high-end speaker cable HAMBURG LS uses material of the highest quality, as well as the proven NEYTON® flat-cable construction.

Two sections are created from ten oxygen-free AWG 20/7 copper strands of very high purity, as well as eight silver/gold wires with a diameter of 0.5mm. Each section therefore has five AWG 20/7 Cu-strands and four silver/gold wires. Teflon® is used as an isolator both for individual strand insulation and between the sections. The ten woven air tubes warrant a large distance to both sides.

The result is a speaker cable with extremely low capacities that warrants detailed, precise and natural sound reproduction.

Series resistance 10 mΩ/m
Series inductivity 0,95 nH/m
Parallel capacity 12,5 pF/m
Insulation resistance