The new Frankfurt NF: Perfect sound.

The high-end signal cable from the FRANKFURT series comprises nine cores (eight in the RCA-version) of silver/gold wire (each 0.5mm Ø) of maximum purity, coated in Teflon®.

The specially developed sophisticated construction of the FRANKFURT NF ensures best music playback: the individual wires are woven so that the surrounding air serves as insulation. Additionally, the perfectly symmetrical cable structure and EMC-shielding contribute to interference-free signal transfer. High-quality rhodium-tempered FURUTECH-plugs with a carbon housing and anti-magnetic stainless steel warrant secure connection.

The new construction and materials in proven NEYTON® quality warrant an extremely balanced sound experience true to nature.


Series resistance 80 mΩ/m
Series inductivity 0,28 µH/m
Parallel capacity 110 pF/m


Series resistance 55 mΩ/m
Series inductivity 0,20 µH/m
Parallel capacity 170 pF/m