Frankfurt LS


Both design and sound make this new development equally unique.
As accustomed, the highest-quality materials and our many years of experience ensure the best reproduction of music in high-end quality.

For the first time, the choice between two different wiring variations provides you with the possibility of adapting the cable to your own individual hi-fi environment.

But, no matter which version you chose:
The speaker cable of superlatives guarantees you a brilliant performance and a unique listening experience without compromise.

Twenty-four single conductors are woven in six sections with each 4 single strands AWG20/7 to produce a flat cable. The forward and return conductors of the cable comprise of each twelve single leads of high-quality oxygen-free copper with an overall conductor cross-section of 2 × 6,75mm2. Each of the strands, comprising of seven fine wires have a diameter of 0,32mm and is coated with a non-porous silver layer.

As an insulation material, Teflon-similar high-purity FEP (Fluorethylenpropylene) is utilized. The capillary air tubes between the sections are, as the fabric, of Teflon® and provide for an additional reduction of signal loss. Thus, leakage values are obtained that lie below the limits of detectability.


At long last, a high-end speaker cable is available that perfectly fits your system: Apart from the required cable length and the latest generation of WBT-connectors (nextgen™ banana plugs or Sandwich Spade of fine silver) you can now chose between two wiring versions. Whilst the parallel wired version produces a very precise, richly detailed and transparent reproduction of music, the alternately cross-banded version leads to a warmer but nevertheless vividly musical reproduction.

Cross-banded version

Series resistance 6 mΩ/m
Parallel capacity 80 pF/m
Series inductivity 240 nH/m

Parallel version

Series resistance 6 mΩ/m
Parallel capacity 22 pF/m
Series inductivity 600 nH/m