The Frankfurt AC Power Cord: Performance of True Class.

Precise. Powerful. Dynamic. The new EMC-shielded power cable from the FRANKFURT series suppresses unwanted interference and ensures uncompromised listening pleasure.

For the best performance, nine Teflon®-coated single conductors (AWG14), comprising of each 19 fine wires of 0,36mm caliber are woven with thin Teflon® strands into a twice folded flat cable. The cable consists of high-quality OF-Cu with an overall conductor cross-section of 3 x 5,6mm2, and each of the 171 fine wires are coated with a non-porous silver layer. Lots of air between the leads provides for a maximum insulation. Furutech plugs with rhodium contacts provide the lowest transition resistance combined with a long lifespan.

Experience a high end power cable that guarantees a pure transition to any source.

Series resistance 7,0 mΩ/m
Series inductivity 190 nH/m
Parallel capacity 180 pF/m
Insulation resistance > 150 MΩ/m


Furutech FI-E38(R) as a „Schuko“ grounding plug
Furutech FI-28(R) as an IEC connector
(rhodium-coated, non-magnetic contacts)